Governance and Leadership - Checklist

  • Does the agency’s leadership team understand their responsibilities under privacy legislation?
  • Is a collaborative culture evident from the interactions of those with key roles and responsibilities across the agency? If not, what are the steps and mechanisms that can be put in place to achieve improved interaction and collaboration to achieve a robust privacy program?
  • Do roles in my agency have clearly articulated privacy management responsibilities? Are staff aware of their own individual accountabilities? Privacy is everybody’s business and responsibility.
  • Do I have a forum where I can discuss privacy management issues and risks pertaining to my agency?
  • Does my agency have adequate mechanisms in place to detect when privacy breaches occur? For example, do the data breach policy and the internal incident management framework enable staff to report privacy breaches at the time of occurrence? Does this process facilitate appropriate actions being taken to remediate a breach?
  • Does my agency have any mechanisms in place to prevent a privacy breach from occurring? For example, IT security safeguards preventing inadvertent disclosure of information.
  • Are my agency’s privacy management plans, policies and procedures adequate and kept up to date?
  • Does the agency’s privacy management plan include details about its data breach response processes?
  • Is privacy considered as part of the agency’s change management framework?
  • Do your strategic objectives call for greater sharing of personal and health information with other agencies?
  • Do you want to analyse data about citizen interactions, or create health records linkages to plan or improve individual/wider agency services or develop policy?
Where to start?

Carry out a Privacy Maturity Assessment to assess your agency’s systems and policies to ensure their compliance with privacy requirements – download the Privacy Self-assessment Tool.


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