Privacy Investigations

The Privacy Commissioner has the power to formally investigate certain privacy complaints and to investigate and report on general issues concerning your rights to privacy.

Complaints involving private sector use of personal health information comprise a large proportion of matters dealt with by the Privacy Commissioner.

Broad systemic issues are also investigated and reported on by the Privacy Commissioner. The guide Protocol for Handling Privacy Complaints has been developed which specifically details the process for how the Privacy Commissioner deals with complaints made by the public.

The reports below are the full set of investigations dealt with by the Privacy Commissioner:

Date Investigation
December 2016

Own motion enquiry - The difference between a Privacy Notice and Consent Request - Privacy protections in places accessible to the public (PDF, 306kb)

June 2015

NSW Roads and Maritime Services use of expired protocol for release of photographic images to the NSW Police Force (PDF 3.25Mb)

June 2012 Railcorp sale of unclaimed USB data keys (PDF, 66kb)
March 2012 NSW Police and Roads and Maritime Services security industry licences (PDF, 397kb)
June 2011 University of Sydney students records data breach (PDF, 66kb)
May 2002 Applicant v the Hon John Aquilina, MP (PDF, 66kb)