Privacy Awareness Month: Privacy for the public

This year’s Privacy Awareness Month theme for NSW: How healthy is your privacy? This theme highlights the importance that organisations and individuals must place on maintaining a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities for the handling of personal and health information. As technology and legislation evolves, it is vital that organisations and individuals take responsibility and step up to the challenge of privacy management.

For individuals, this means understanding the reality of ‘digital eternity’ and making sure you act responsibly and ‘share with care’ when it comes to other’s personal and health details. Privacy has never been more relevant than in this technological age, where we share, tweet, and post status updates about our lives, frequently without forethought of the consequences. 

Privacy Awareness Month encourages you to think before you post, ask before you upload, and remember: if you can’t say it to their face, don’t say it in cyberspace! 

The office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner has created a number of resources to ensure you are sharing with care.

PAM: week one information
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About PAM 2017
PAM Week 2
How Healthy is Your Privacy
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PAM: week three information
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Be Aware Connect With Care


Online Privacy Check Up
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PAM: week five information

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Facebook PAM 2017
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