It’s NSW Privacy Awareness Week 2024

NSW Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) takes place from 6 – 12 May this year. The theme for 2024 is Privacy and technology: Improving transparency, accountability, and security and focuses on collaboration between stakeholders, including, government and citizens, to collectively create a more responsible and secure digital landscape that balances technological advancements with the preservation of individual privacy rights.

PAW involves both public sector agencies and citizens and aims to highlight the importance of protecting personal information by improving understanding and awareness of NSW privacy legislation, and to emphasise a person’s privacy rights and agency obligations and responsibilities.

Watch below a welcome to Privacy Awareness Week from the Acting Privacy Commissioner, Sonia Minutillo:


Privacy Awareness Week NSW 2024 Event – Security in Technology

Date:          Tuesday, 7 May 2024
Time:          9:30am – 10:30am (9:00am registration and morning tea)
Location:   Online and in-person

In her presentation, keynote speaker Leah Pinto from CyberCX will provide intelligence insight into the cyber threat actors actively targeting Australians' personal information, and what we can do about this. Additionally, Acting NSW Privacy Commissioner Sonia Minutillo will discuss the overarching theme of PAW 2024 and the importance of agencies safeguarding privacy in the ever-changing cyber world.


For NSW Privacy Awareness Week 2024, the IPC has developed two new animations:

For agencies: Privacy in Technology:   


For citizens: Keeping Secure Online:


Additional to these new resources, the IPC is also highlighting the following resources during NSW Privacy Awareness Week 2024:

Implementing Technology - Privacy Toolkit 

The IPC has put together a Toolkit of its key guidance for agencies to consider when using, implementing and commencing projects involving technology.

For citizens:

For agencies:

All NSW citizens have a right to have their personal information protected. NSW public sector agencies, statutory bodies, universities and local councils have legal obligations they must abide by when they collect, store, use or disclose your personal information.

The IPC can help you understand privacy laws in NSW and give you information on how to protect your personal information and access your rights. Learn more in our privacy resources for citizens.

You can also learn more about what’s on this Privacy Awareness Week here.